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Welcome to Midwest Woodcraft where we are Minnesota made.

Our Story

 Our Story 

Here at Midwest Woodcraft we have a passion for wood and working with our hands. Wood is such a special medium. It isn't fabricated, it is grown. And it has a soul. Our goal with everything we make is to discover what is hidden in the bark and highlight what took decades to produce. 

It was out of that passion that Midwest Woodcraft was created. After 11 years as an auto mechanic, the profession took a toll on my body. It was time for a change. The opportunity presented itself to pursue my dream so I jumped. I now have the privilege to design and create pieces that friends and family gather around, cheers around, and make memories around. That, to me, is very special and the reason why I love going to work every day.

Cheers Friends!

Products and Services

 Products & Services 

Due to Current Demand Processing Times Are Higher Than Normal. Thank you for your support and patience!

Custom Furniture
Do you want something unique?
Something you can't find at Ikea?
Do you need something to fit a specific space?
Contact me to create the perfect piece for your home!
Etsy Shop
Click the image above to check out our products for sale on Esty!

Do  you have a tree that needs to be removed but is large and has sentimental value? 
We can pickup the logs once the tree is down, mill the log into lumber or slabs, dry the wood, and create an heirloom piece of furniture from an heirloom tree. 


Our Work

    Our Work   

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Corcoran, MN.

Tel: 952-334-6471

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